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Friday, March 03, 2006

Remember the Alamo

Yesterday was Texas Independence Day. I usually try to post William Barret Travis's famous Letter from the Alamo on March 2, but with all my computer woes at the moment, I am chagrined to admit --

I, a fifth-generation Texan -- a TEXIAN, by God --

Forgot the Alamo.

But I found this, a letter that was posted 160 years ago today.

I'd never read this one before. Short. Simple. His last request.

And so now, remembering....

To David Ayers
March 3, 1836

Take care of my little boy. If the country should be saved, I may make for him a splendid fortune; but if the country be lost and I should perish, he will have nothing but the proud recollection that he is the son of a man who died for his country.

The letter to David Ayers is the last known letter written
by Travis before the fall of the Alamo on the morning of
March 6, 1836.

William Barret Travis died at his post on the cannon
platform at the northeast corner of the fortress.

He was 26 years old.


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