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Monday, February 13, 2006

What does drought look like?

We went to Lake Benbrook today to look at the drought. What does drought look like?

There is no fishing at the marina ever, but now there is no need for a no fishing sign at the marina because there is no water to fish in:

There is no floating at the marina, because the boat dock, the marina-on-a-barge, and the boats have no water to float in:

There is no "keeping between the bouys" when you boat out of the inlet/marina and enter the main lake, because there is no water to boat in:

See the picnic bench? See the scenic view? It overlooks the lake. Except, this is where the boats pass through the inlet and into the main lake, and you see way out there where there is shallow water? Well, that's how far down the lake is right now:

That is what drought looks like. And now you know why people in North Texas hoped Katrina or one of her friends would hit the Texas coast and come up our way. Of course, we weren't wishing disaster on the coast. Just hoping for moisture here. For the farmers, the ranchers, the water supply. Our lakes are mostly manmade to provide water for the cities. It's a good plan and it has worked well for us, with occasional rationing. Things are getting grim, though.

Feast or famine. Flood or drought.

I guess that's just life on Planet Earth.

In the meantime, nothing profound here. Just drought.


At 11:20 AM, Blogger Candace said...

I'm old enough to remember the big drought of the 1950's. I was in Ft. Worth then. Water rationing, dead grass, cracks in the ground so wide and hard you could break your leg by stepping in one. Joe Pool Lake didn't exist back then, and probably some others have been created since then, too. Further to the east, there was no Lake Tawakoni, either. Didn't they make that one in the '60s, maybe?


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