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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Holy Swingers

I have no explanation.

A priest gave it to me so I don't think I'll burn in hell for loving it.

On the other hand, she's a Buffalo Bills fan.

I may have to rethink this....


At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Cynthia Webb said...

About midway thru Christmas Eve service, my home-from-college girl notices something amiss in the Nativity Scene set up by the baptismal font right behind the last row of chairs in the worship area.

Look at Baby Jesus, she whispers.

So I do, and God only knows why, but Baby Jesus is three times the size of everybody else in the stable.

Good grief, I whisper back. He's as big as the donkey.

Which makes her start to giggle -- then I do too because she can't stop. My Dad keeps looking back and forth between us trying to figure out what the heck's so funny, and I realize a theological truth.

Suppressed church giggles are most delicious.

At 6:31 AM, Blogger pooks said...

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