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Friday, December 30, 2005

His Royal Kinkiness

God, I hope this man is the next governor of the Great State of Texas.


* Texas Monthly, The National Magazine of Texas, "The Kinkster as Her Royal Highness, July 2004"


I love I love listening to books while driving (which I spend much time doing) or while doing housework (which I spend rather less time doing). And I started listening to Freddy and Fredericka with the best of intentions. I found it amusing, and a nice distraction. However, "amusing" and "nice distraction" do not justify 25.5 hours of my listening life.

I haven't been listening as often as I used to, because I keep thinking, "Oh, yeah, it's that Freddy-book, maybe I won't listen right now." I considered giving it up as a lost cause, but every time I start listening again, I think, "Well, it's amusing enough, I'll keep listening...."

And so here I sit with 3 1/2 hours left to listen to -- after listening to 21, mind you -- and I'm about to hit the wall.

I'm about to say, "I don't give a flying fuck what happens here, I will run screaming into traffic if I have to hear any more of this book," and quit. I honestly can't figure out why I didn't quit sooner. It's not as if I've never quit reading a book I didn't like. I do it all the time. Life's too short.

So, has anybody here read it? Does something happen at the end that makes you go, "Wow! What a killer ending!"

Because an "amusing" ending is not worth the time I've spent on this already, much less another 3 1/2 hours.

Maybe I'm not up to listening to ANY book that is that long. Although I've never had trouble listening to any of the Harry Potters, and some of them have come close....


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