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Sunday, January 01, 2006


I did it!

I wrote the first check of the year, and didn't even get it wrong.

I bought a bag of dried blackeyed peas and they're now simmering on the stove.

You do know that there are tricks to getting good luck from blackeyed peas, don't you?

First of all, my Grannymamma told me that you must cut the first pea in half with your fork before eating it, and you will then cut your troubles in half for the new year.

Second of all, I read that you get one day of luck for each pea you eat, which is why most people run out of luck sometime in mid-March.

Third of all, if you eat greens with them, you'll get money, lots of money in the new year. I'm all about money.

So, I had to make the trip to the grocery store this morning to assure us a year of luck and money.

And after nary a drop of bubbly (or any kind of alcoholy) on New Year's Eve, I found myself buying a bottle of Korbel's at the grocery store today. It was cold. It was on sale. And something about including champagne in my first purchase of the year sounds like a nice omen.

It'll make a nice tipsy day, anyway. (When we rolled over into 2000 I drank a glass of bubbly each time another time zone hit the new century. Now THAT was a New Year's!)

Happy, happy. Have a good one.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger lacy said...

thanks for the tips! i know all about the peas and greens for luck and money, but i had no idea about how to eat the peas. too late for this year year, for sho'.

At 9:27 PM, Blogger pooks said...

I didn't cook any greens, by the way. I took the easy way out and cooked frozen spanakopita. Yum!

At 11:20 PM, Blogger Mrs. Wonderful said...

I gots me some spinach for salad. No cooked greens - too lazy. But the champagne sounds good.


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