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Sunday, December 11, 2005

That's Right, You're Not From Texas*

All this nonsense about Dubya not being a real Texan?

He's lived here since he's four. He WANTS to be a Texan.

He's a Texan.

Get the hell over it.

I'm fifth-generation and a Texian to boot. If I'm not offended, who do you think you are to be offended? (Sixth-generation descendent of Sam Houston? Okay, you get a vote.)

I learned what it means to be a Texan from a guy from Kentucky who moved here, fell in love with the state, and was buried too few years later with his boots on. And from a kid who lost his legal status when he turned 18 and was told to go back to Mexico and fill out some paperwork and wait a few years ... and he went illegal alien status until he finally found a lawyer who would help him stay.

And that's when I realized, Texas belongs to those who love it.

Looking in from the outside it may be hard to comprehend, but we don't all believe the same thing, vote the same way, act the same way, have the same sensibilities.

So yes, Dubya is a Texan, for better or worse.

Now somebody figure out a way to get that sumbitch out of the White House and back to Texas before he destroys the world.

* But Texas wants you any way.
-- Lyle Lovett, Willis Alan Ramsey & Alison Rogers


At 11:42 AM, Blogger Mrs. Wonderful said...

Texas belongs to those who love it.

Byoot'ful. Jest byoot'ful. Makes me salivate for home... I'll be there in 12 days.

At 1:02 PM, Blogger pooks said...

Thanks! Hope you have a great visit!

At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Nonny said...

I'm from Scotland and I love Texas! I think it's because I was addicted to Dallas (the tv show) as a child. I wanted to marry J.R

At 9:16 PM, Blogger pooks said...

Well come on over, Nonny. We've got room for more!

I love Scotland -- have been there twice. Beautiful place.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Someone in my office was talking about planning a visit to Texas the other day. I haven't been since I was a kid so I wasn't much help.

If someone from New York was planning to visit your fair state with children, what you you recommend as the top 5-10 things to visit see?

At 12:04 PM, Blogger pooks said...

Well, it depends on what they're into, and what part of Texas they're going to. I know it's a cliche but (drumroll) it's a big place.

I'd probably hit San Antonio, the river walk, the missions, of COURSE the Alamo. (Remember it.)

Then if it's the right time of year (hot) they'll be a reasonable drive from New Braunfels and water fun. Tubing down the river, going to the water parks, German food, other food.

They can also drive to Houston if they want to see NASA and things related. Or Austin for a different view, and the state capitol and the LBJ library and The University and such. I mean, for adults I'd be saying Austin, but kids? Not so sure.

I think San Antonio is the most terrific place in Texas for tourists, and plan the trip around there. On the other hand if they end up in Dallas, it would be a different list with theme parks and water parks in the mid-cities, museums, a great zoo, Sundance Square which is a touch of the old West in the cowtown otherwise known Fort Worth, and Dallas has the ubiquitous Dealey Plaza/6th Floor museum and other Kennedy-related sites, shopping, eating, museums, etc., etc....

And a couple of hours from Dallas in Glen Rose you'll find the perfect double-whammy for kids, and I almost didn't mention it but it's out away from the cities in a small town that has lots of lodging from B&Bs to Best Western. In addition to quaint shops around the town square, Glen Rose and environs are the site of fabulous dinosaur tracks in the bed of the Paluxy river. You can go to Dinosaur Valley State Park (one of our favorite places to camp) and unless the river is high, they tracks are easily visible. You can wade/swim in the river, too, which is maybe something different for NYC kids? I don't know. And there's great hiking. That's one day or half day, depending on how long anybody wants to hang around the park (oh and take in their own food, no concessions there other than drinks you can buy at the gift shop).

But then only a few miles away is a fabulous wildlive preserve, Fossil Rim Wildlife Park. It's a drive through with giraffes and ostriches and zebras and all sorts of foreign critters, and has one of the most successful cheetah breeding programs in the world. It's a BEAUTIFUL drive and adults and kids alike love it, plus you get to feed the animals as you go. So if your friends were going to be in Dallas, I'd have them consider going off the beaten track for a couple of days and drive down to Glen Rose.

I think I just wrote an entry in comments!

At 9:38 AM, Blogger Rob said...

This is great. I passed it along to my friend AND saved a copy for myself for whenever we get to those parts again some day. Thanks!


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