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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Spiderman! Garbage Trucks! Flogging!

So we went to the downtown of a Dallas 'burb to see the Christmas Parade. Not all that small a town, but it had all the charm of a small town parade.

You get the idea that anybody who wants to can be in this parade.

Which is a GOOD thing. Honest. It's quaint and fun and sweet and endearing.

Oh, it's no surprise that the City Council and various local beauty queens were in the Christmas parade.

No surprise really about all the cub scouts, all the church groups, all the schools.

The girls from FFA on horseback with hooves painted red and green were a nice touch.

Lots of floats sponsored by local banks and companies, and lots of people running alongside passing out candy to the kids.

Of course the Environmental Waste Department truck with workers hanging off the sides waving was unexpected.

And the comic book shop with a dozen or so people all dressed as their favorite superheroes in a Christmas parade? Now, that was greatness.

But somebody explain to me why the Catholic school and church had a nice long string of trucks and trailers filled with kids singing Christmas carols and waving and shouting Merry Christmas ....

And two Baptist churches had Christ lugging crosses.

One even had Romans half-heartedly flogging their Jesus, looking rather bored. Their Jesus took it very seriously, though, falling to the ground, then struggling back to his feet to continue in the parade. (I guess we know who saw Mel's PASSION last year, don't we?)

I have a feeling even Mel doesn't have Christ hauling a cross under his Christmas tree.

But -- I could be wrong!

Happy Advent!


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