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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Delete this feed

Note from Patricia Burroughs:

The time has come for you to delete this feed unless you want to get really annoyed.

The only reason I moved to is because they have Categories and blogger doesn't. That's it. The only reason. (As always, you can find the official pooks info at my official site,

But is seemed important to me because my stats show that there are certain things I blog about that get higher hits than others, and where the hits are coming from changes with subject matter, and so I think it's important as a good hostess to make it easy for my guests to find other posts on the subject that brought them to the site, rather than having to scroll through tons of stuff they don't care about.

I'm also thinking about joining Greenpeace or The Sierra Club. Believe me, I am a good American and I voted for Ronald Reagan AND Papa Bush (the first time he ran, before "Read my lips," and "Oh by the way, pay more taxes...") and I understand that it is only the good and loyal red-blooded American thing to do to have categories, so that when I turn into a left-wing commie-loving tree-hugger, it will be easier for the FBI and Homeland Security to keep an eye on me in case I and my other tree-hugging friends hatch an Al Quaeda cell along with whatever endangered owls we're protecting this week. I know my duty.

But there are things that I can do on blogger than I can't do on wordpress, yet if I import from here to there, the format goes with. So I'm going to occasionally do a post here, and once I get it formatted properly, import it over there and delete it here.

And if you're getting notifies every time I do that, you'll get very annoyed, I am sure.

So delete this feed and go to Planet Pooks.

The world will be a better place and Big Brother will appreciate it.



At 8:12 AM, Blogger SueJ said...

Yes, I'm that Sue J :-) (hoping you get notified of the comment). And hoping you hurry up and convert to a tree-hugger!

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